July 21, 2009

Latte Cozy by Lion Brand

I just got done making this Latte Cozy by lion brand. This was such a fun and fast project! I used lion brand wool prints instead of the Vanna's choice, which I liked better because of the fun stripes it made. If you would like to make one of these cute latte cozy's please go here.

July 12, 2009

Yeah, I'm crocheting again!

This cute dishcloth was on lion brands website. I used Peaches and cream, and also some sugar and cream to make my version of this dishcloth. I am hoping to make more of these in the next few days, all different colors.

July 11, 2009

Cute Little Tommy Tiger!

I just found the cutest tiger crochet pattern on Lion Brand! Tommy Tiger<-Click there if you want to make him. I can't find the vanna's choice orange/white yarn anywhere in town, so I am going to try to make him with orange/cream/white peaches and cream yarn. Of course I will post the pictures when I'm done with him. Isn't he so cute?! There is also a Tammy Tiger made with a different vanna's choice color combo.

July 7, 2009

Menu, Great deals, New Paper Treat & Crochet!

Hey All! Above is a new little tag album that I just made in a beach theme today. I have been really itching to get crafting both with paper and yarn lately, so I started with the paper today. I am planning on putting this little tag album up on my artfire page for sale. On a great note, I sold one of my beginner crochet choker kits! I am so excited that I sold this kit, and hope that this is just the beginning on sales.

On a crochet note, I was very excited when I saw the new Mary Janes Farm magazine in my mail box today, and imagine how thrilled I was when I saw 2 crochet patterns in Mary Janes Farm, one for a upcycled market bag, and also an easy slipper pattern! If you haven't checked out this magazine please do so, it is so awesome, I'm totally hooked on it, and keep all of my issues to reference back to. You can check out Mary Janes website at www.maryjanesfarm.com.

Menu, Menu, Menu,
I have decided to just make up a list of dinner ideas of things I have on hand, instead of having every night scheduled. This doesn't seem to work when we are so busy, and never know what the weather might do. So here is my list of dinner meal ideas.....
1. London Broil on the bbq
2. Homemade pizza
3. BBQ Burgers
4. Drunk Chicken on the BBQ
5. Breakfast for dinner, pancakes, waffles, or something to that effect.
6. BBQ Catfish
7. Steak Tacos from leftover London Broil.

I also have a list of goodies for us and our fury kid Chelsea....
1. Chocolate Mayo Cake
2. Peanut Butter Cookies, Gluten Free, to use for S'mores instead of grahams.
3. Tuna Pasta Salad, with GF Shells
4. Cheesy Dog Biscuits
5. Gluten Free Mama's Scones
6. Gluten Free Muffins
7. Ranch Hummus.

And the Great Deals of the day!

I spent a total of $23.99 for the week on groceries at Wal-mart! I did do a lot of stocking up on dressing (8 cents each!), Mayo (75 cents off), and bbq sauce (50 cents off). This doesn't include the beer, but I'm thinking we have more than enough for this weekend.

1. GV unsalted butter 2/$3
2. GV 1% Milk 2 @ $1.59
3. GV Hamburger & Hotdog buns 1 each at .79 (these are for the hubby, so they last a long time. I just keep a couple out at a time, and keep the rest of the bag in the freezer.
4. GV Light Sour Cream $1.06
5. Peaches 1.35 lbs @ .95 per pound $1.28
6. Organic Salad mix, Big package.. $4.68
7. GV Freezer bags 2.48 (Had to finally throw away some bags again that I had been re-using, bummer! I hate buying zip loc bags.)
8. Red Grapes .98 lb, 2.14 lbs $2.10
9. 3 Kraft Dressing $1.58 -$1.50 coupon .8 cents each
10. Kraft Mayo $2.50 -.75 cent coupon, $1.75
11. Kraft BBQ Sauce .98 cents - 50 cent coupon, .48 cents!

Grand Total???? $23.99! Yeah!!!! I love getting good deals, and especially 8 cent dressing. I am hoping to find more $1.50 dressing coupons, really want to stock up to 19 bottles, have 6 so far.

Stay tuned for some new beanies, am hoping to get motivated to make some new beanies in some fun yarns!