January 7, 2009

Free Pattern for Totally Chic Choker


I hope you have as much fun making these as I do!

Hook- F/5 3.75mm
Yarn- Caron simply soft eco or any 100% cotton yarn
donut Beads or charms that hook will fit through hole
in bead or charm ring.

let’s get started
*Leaving 20 inches of yarn end, make a slipknot. CHain 3.
*Row 1- SC in the second and third chains from hook. Ch 1.
Turn. Repeat this pattern until your work measures to 6

Now your ready to add your bead or charm!
*Insert your hook into the center of your bead or the
ring of your charm. Wrap you yarn around the hook once,
then pull the bead or charm through the loop on the
hook. Ch 1.

*Continue your SC in each row of stitches, followed by
chaining 1, as in row 1, until both sides are of equal

*Fasten off, make sure to leave 20 inches of yarn end.

*Cut a 40 inch piece of yarn. Fold the yarn in
half, use your crochet hook to pull the folded
end through the edge of one end of the choker,
then pull the ends through the loop. Braid or
tie knots in the 3 yarns ends for about 12
inches give or take. tie a knot and trim up
your ends.

*Repeat last step to make the other side of
your choker string.

Yeah! you’ve made a Totally chic choker! Make
sure to only tie your choker around your neck
with a bow, or double bow so that it is easily


  1. oh, thanks so much, that's so HIP! :] I'll have to try it.

  2. thanks so much for sharing this! Can't wait to try it!

  3. I'm so excited about your pattern for these chokers. Thanks so much for sharing.


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