April 19, 2011

Where is Spring??

We have been so cold here in Idaho, and the snow storm yesterday made me think that Spring is never going to get here! We have been fighting colds and flu constantly since November, and really need some sun and warm weather to kill all the yucky crud going around.

Yesterday was clean the craft room day, and once I was done I decided to maybe make some of the spring things that have been sitting there waiting for me.
I made this cute garland with a package of corrigated letters I picked up at Tuesday Mornings for .99 cents. I used my set of bic mark it's to decorate them, just coloring in the stripes in different spring colors. I also had bought some little spools of ribbon at hobby lobby for .50 cents and decided to only use it on a few of the letters. The clothes pins I bought at Michaels in the dollar section, and actually had all the letters attached to the rope, but they were way too heavy. so I decided to just use 3 of them and use them for the flowers. The rest of the flowers I attached with the glue gun. I actually used some little paper clip accents that I have had in with my brads for years to attach the letters.
Pretty fast, cheap & easy project.

I'm taking a break from writing and selling patterns to work on some things for me and family members. I am finally working on a very simple afghan for my hubby and I. I have just started, and already can't wait until it's finished! I'm not sure if I just haven't found the right pattern or what, but it just isn't very much fun. So you might be seeing a post of trying a different pattern here soon.