June 30, 2011

Learn something from this post!

Please, Please, Please... Do NOT invade someones home and expect them all to change to your habits.. Your a guest in THEIR home. And always remember the old saying..
Company are like Fish, After 3 days they both start to stink!

My mother in law FINALLY just left today. She was here for three weeks and it was horrible.
She made fun of my son and myself when we did our workouts, and talked my husband out of continuing working out with me in the morning. This caused him to feel yucky again, back aches are back, head aches are back, you name it.
She made fun of what I ate and how often and just made life hell.

I learned a lot while she was here, no more visits for a really long time.  No more 3 week long visits, And I'm not going to let someone push me around and make it so my routine goes in the toilet!

This woman complains that she isn't loosing weight, but she's walking 2 miles almost every night. This is a typical day of what she ate...
Breakfast: A HUGE bowl of granola... And not the 1/3 of a cup serving size, more like 2 cups!
Lunch: "I just ate granola, so I'M not hungry (in other words you better not eat because I'M not hungry).
2pm snack: Crackerfulls, crackers filled with processed cheese and Fiddle Faddle
Dinner: very little, and "Do we have to eat veggies at EVERY meal?"
I kept listening to Chalene Johnson... If you don't eat healthy every 2 to 3 hours you are going to be fat, you are going to gain weight! Your body is going to go into starvation mode!
A few nights we went without dinner because of late lunches (I didn't, I still ate something healthy every 2 to 3 hours with ridicule) and then she got all excited because we were having ice cream for dinner!

So that's my vent for the day. I hope that you all learn something from this like I am. And I will NEVER pull a 3 week visit on MY son, EVER! Give your son in law or daughter in law the respect they deserve, and don't assume that they want you to come and stay with you for extended visits in a very small home.


Here is REBOOT Day 4....

Body: Evaluate your workout plan. How's it going? What can you do to make it better or fit your life.

Mind: Train yourself to focus on the positive. Say delete over and over every time you have negative thinking.

Life: Challenge your eating habits: Replace your afternoon junk food with a piece of fruit and low fat string cheese.

What are you thinking about REBOOT so far?

June 29, 2011


Day 3:
Body... If you still don't have a workout plan, find one! Once you get moving you will feel 100% better. Trust me, I know!

Mind... Shed that negative attitude! Start talking back to that inner brat and clear your mind!

Life... reconnect with yourself and your values, reach out to an old friend.

June 28, 2011


 DAY 2

How did you do with Day 1? If you need any help please let me know!


Body... Devote an hour to moving today. Even if it's very light, a walk at low speed. If you have to break it the hour up, do that, just move!

Mind... Skip the makeup (YIKES!) Get Acquainted with the unadorned you!

Life... Clean out your closet. Do your clothes reflect you or who you think people want you to be? BE YOU!

June 27, 2011


How do you feel? Do you have a fitness plan? If not look for one that fits you! Send me an e-mail or comment below if you need help, I'm always here for you.

Envision the next 9 days. What do you want to accomplish? Be realistic so that you don't fail.

Life: Get a good night sleep! Turn off your gadgets 1 hour before bedtime.

Come back tomorrow for day 2!

Changing things up a little

Hey Everyone!
I am going to be changing things up a little on my blog. I am still going to have crochet and craft posts, I will always love doing this! But I am also going to expand into making our lives healthy and happy for both us and our kids or grand kids. I will be posting more recipes, exercise ideas, and helpful hints.

My husband and I recently started a beachbody program to get in shape called Power 90. This is one of beachbodys older programs, and for beginners. Getting in shape has really changed our lives! Not just the fact that we are getting healthy, but also that I know that I what I want to be when I grow up! At almost 40 and with a son going off to college soon, I think it's about time! Some time this week I will be posting my transformation story, and how it's made my life better in all areas.
So, Today I am going to start a REBOOT, Recharge your life 10 day boot camp on my blog. If you want to participate that is totally awesome, if not no worries.

So here is some info on what I will be doing....

REBOOT your life!

REBOOT 10 day Boot Camp to RECHARGE your life.

Every day I will give you something to do that has to do with your Body, Mind & Life.
You will need a journal, and it can be either electronic or paper. My journal has a huge peace sign on it to signify what I want my journal to bring into my life. I also use a special pen for my journal in my favorite color. I want your journal to be a daily part of your life even after our 10 day camp! I use mine for writing my daily thoughts in, in the morning and at night, and I also write my daily to do list in it every morning.
So, are you ready to REBOOT? Here is a little bit about what you will get out of this program:
By day 10 of REBOOT you will have:
  • Improved your strength.
  • Cut out junk food
  • Made healthy meals
  • Gotten more sleep
  • Found clothes you love
  • Gotten rid of negative thinking
  • Reconnected with a friend
  • Pampered yourself
  • Pushed yourself physically
  • Learned how important a journal can be
So Keep a look out later this morning for DAY 1!
If you want to get involved with my facebook page please go to....

June 25, 2011

Hats for a little girl fighting cancer

Recently my Mom asked me if I could make a few hats for a little 2 year old girl that's fighting leukemia. Of course I said yes, yes, yes! So here are the hats I ended up making...
First is the berry hat from the book crocheted gifts...

I used the plymouth yarn superwash merino for this one, and love how soft it is and how it turned out. Super cute, and I've been asked to make more for other little and big girls :)

The next one is a bunny hat that I made out of the September/October 2009 Crochet Today....

I used some sport weight yarn that I had in my stash, not sure of company and such, but it was a really neat pink and white twist.

The next one is my total favorite, and it came out of the May/June 2011 Crochet Today!
I used a multi colored bamboo cotton yarn for the main hat, along with pink and brown bamboo cotton for the flower. This hat was so much fun to make I am going to make more for the other little girls in my life.

Sorry I have been missing in action lately. I made a huge life change and my hubby and I started eating right and working out. I have had some major transformations both in my body and my mind and that has made me think about what I want to be when I grow up, lol. So I've been working out finishing up some schooling, and also pursuing other avenues.  So click HERE to go to my team beacbody page where you can see some pictures of my body changing in just 3 months so far. It's also been awesome working out with my hubby, it's really brought us closer and closer!