June 30, 2011

Learn something from this post!

Please, Please, Please... Do NOT invade someones home and expect them all to change to your habits.. Your a guest in THEIR home. And always remember the old saying..
Company are like Fish, After 3 days they both start to stink!

My mother in law FINALLY just left today. She was here for three weeks and it was horrible.
She made fun of my son and myself when we did our workouts, and talked my husband out of continuing working out with me in the morning. This caused him to feel yucky again, back aches are back, head aches are back, you name it.
She made fun of what I ate and how often and just made life hell.

I learned a lot while she was here, no more visits for a really long time.  No more 3 week long visits, And I'm not going to let someone push me around and make it so my routine goes in the toilet!

This woman complains that she isn't loosing weight, but she's walking 2 miles almost every night. This is a typical day of what she ate...
Breakfast: A HUGE bowl of granola... And not the 1/3 of a cup serving size, more like 2 cups!
Lunch: "I just ate granola, so I'M not hungry (in other words you better not eat because I'M not hungry).
2pm snack: Crackerfulls, crackers filled with processed cheese and Fiddle Faddle
Dinner: very little, and "Do we have to eat veggies at EVERY meal?"
I kept listening to Chalene Johnson... If you don't eat healthy every 2 to 3 hours you are going to be fat, you are going to gain weight! Your body is going to go into starvation mode!
A few nights we went without dinner because of late lunches (I didn't, I still ate something healthy every 2 to 3 hours with ridicule) and then she got all excited because we were having ice cream for dinner!

So that's my vent for the day. I hope that you all learn something from this like I am. And I will NEVER pull a 3 week visit on MY son, EVER! Give your son in law or daughter in law the respect they deserve, and don't assume that they want you to come and stay with you for extended visits in a very small home.

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  1. I feel with you. Been on the receiving end of that too, not MIL, but former friends, helping them out. You are right, 3 days are about what it takes for patience(sp?) to run out.
    Take a deep breath and get right back into your schedule.


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