September 27, 2010

Halloween CAL!

Halloween CAL... Let me know who all wants to be a part of it. As you get them done post pictures so we can all see.
I found the cutest little Halloween decoration that we could all do together. It's the cutest little BOO, and the pattern is free....

I'm also working on trying to figure out why the comments won't work! Hopefully one day soon blogger will get back to me!!! 

A new Yahoo Group!

  Click to join cozyathomecrochet
  Click to join cozyathomecrochet

I decided to make up a yahoo group for all of us to share crochet, and all the at home things we love about this blog. This group will be the same things as I share on here, but more crochet :) So please join so that we can all make this new crochet/cozy at home group really successful!!

I love ya all!!!!

September 14, 2010

A new shop & blog

Hey Everyone! Well I am going to try and pursue my love of paper again. I am working hard at filling a shop on etsy call Buttercup Cut Ups...
Please e-mail me and let me know what sorts of things you would like to see. I'm also going to be changing my crochet pattern etsy shop to a different shop. I think the name is what's wrong with the low sales, so I have some ideas for a new name and a new shop.
Please stay tuned to what is to come.......

For some reason a lot of you have been trying to leave comments, and aren't able to. I have put an e-mail into blogger for help with this problem. If I can't get it resolved I will probably move my blog to wordpress or typepad.

Thanks for all your support and continued reading! I love you guys, you make my day so much brighter.

September 10, 2010

Natural Little Acorn Bag, Waldorf Inspired

I really liked the big acorn purse that I made a little while back, so I decided to make a very small version as fall decorations or little gift bags. The little Tomtie was made for me by my friend at Rainbow River Designs.
I've been really busying making things for my etsy shop, hoping that now that fall is coming my shop will get busy. I've put up a variety of things today, Baby beanies, patterns, french press cozy, apple cozy, and more. I also have a new pattern for gauntlets that I will be putting up as soon as I get it written.
I've also been making these fun little apple cozies for some friends. They are so much fun, and I think they will look great as a decoration in a bowl of apples.