March 3, 2012

Crocheted Spring Bunting

It sure doesn't look like Spring around here.....

So I've been kinda starting to think about spring decor, and I've been looking at different ideas on what to make to bring spring to north Idaho, if only inside.
One of my new favorite books is Cute & Easy Crochet by Nicki Trench...

I found this book at JoAnn's around Christmastime and loved all the different projects it had to offer, my 50% off a book also helped me along with the decision to by it. So the book came home with me, along with some yummy, new yarn.

The other day I finally settled on a new project out of the book. I don't know about you, but I have the worst time making up my mind on the next thing I want to make. I usually only have one project going at a time, and actually asked my friends on Ravelry about what they do to pick a new project. Most of them said they have at least 3 projects going at a time, and I'm thinking I might start doing that. Sometimes working on just one project at a time gets very boring.

So, I decided to make the cute & easy bunting in cute and easy crochet ;)

It was a longer process then I usually do. I'm such an instant gratification girl, I have a hard time with being patient!

I used Hobby Lobby's I love this cotton. I made 7 bunting flags total, 4 in the multi colored and 3 in purple.

They worked out perfect, using the opposing color for the edging.
In the book she has you crochet them together, but instead I used a pretty purple ribbon I found at the dollar store to attach them.
So check out the book Cute and Easy Crochet at Lots of fun projects that I'm sure you will like. I am already making plans for more, and even thou it's totally out of my element, I think I will start 3 different projects to work on, YIKES!