July 11, 2011

Organized SAHM or Lazy Homemaker?

I've been thinking about this a lot lately, things people have said in the past that are still sticking with me today.

In the past when I have said I am a stay at home Mom people have said "Oh, so you get to just veg and be lazy all day right?" uh.... NO! I do get my breaks to read and lay in the sun in the summer time, or watch a movie in the winter while still doing laundry, but lazy?

So lately I have really been feeling like maybe I am lazy? Maybe what I do here at home isn't good enough and I should be going back to school, or growing up and deciding what I want to be? Or am I already what I want to be? Maybe when our son goes off to college I don't want a conventional job, maybe I want to help others, work from home, be something unconventional.

I've heard people say, "Oh Julie is a stay at home Mom, shes so lazy, sits around eating bon bons all day and watching t.v." So I guess that's why I am always up and moving, doing things. Or why I feel really guilty when I take a break from home making and read for a few minutes or check my e-mail.

Maybe I get to spend some "lazy" time because I'm an organized stay at home Mom, that got all of her stuff done in the morning? Maybe I worked my ass off to the point where I was so dog tired I needed a break? If I remember correctly all of the "Working" folk get 2 15 min breaks and at least a 30 min lunch right?

Well I could tell myself how awesome I was and how much I had done today, now its time for me, but I still hear those words from people.. "Julie is a lazy stay at home mom." Well, I'm tired of hearing that from people and from my own inner brat, that by the way would be very unhappy if she had to go out and get a 9-5 job where it cut into her family and fun time.

Lately I have been watching you tube videos and learning lots of things from Chalene Johnson and her 30 day challenge. I also just subscribed to her car smart audio program. I know what I want to "Be" when I grow up, I just need help getting there.

I know for a fact that I have always wanted to help people. All of my career tests have said that the top 3 professions for me were 1. counselor 2. fitness instructor 3. teacher. All three I would love to do, and really never knew what to do to incorporate all 3 until now. So I have my goals all set right? Now I just need to get rid of all the bull, negative people and thoughts, and get my butt in gear. I can do this, right? Right! If I can get fit, stick with it, and become a beachbody coach, then I can do anything!

So your probably thinking, why would I blog about something like this? Oh I don't know, I guess because I thought that there would be others out there like me that could relate and maybe that I could help, I guess I'm hoping for a great start to this great new venture, and would love to help anyone else that has a great new venture and needs someone to tell them.. "Way to go, you can do this, you go!"

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