January 14, 2009

I am having so much fun making kitty cat toys for our kitties, and to sell on etsy. Our cat, Misha, (pictured here smelling and rubbing on the her new favorite toy!) is sleeping with my latest creation, an organic cat nip fortune cookie toy. I have so many others I am planning on making over the weekend! I also want to finally get my felted sweaters out and make a fun creation out of Betz White's book warm fuzzies (look for Betz's blog in my favorite blogs section). I really want to make the hot dog doggie sweater for Chelsea, even though she really doesn't like to wear clothes, she's a tomboy! Maybe she would wear a coat that Mommy makes for her? I'll keep you posted.
I have so many projects that I have bought supplies for that I really need to get busy doing. Today I bought our son a potholder loom to make some potholders with. I had asked him about them, and if he would like them, He decided to give it a try. I told the girl that I work with that I was going to see how it worked, and if he didn't like it I guess I would play with it and make the potholders, since I was buying extra loops for him. She said "Well I guess we know what everyone will be getting for Christmas next year! LOL She is so right! 
I bought the loom from my work www.achildsdream.com Right now we have the looms, and loops on sale for a VERY good deal! We also have a lot of other really good deals, especially Tekapo yarn, and wildfoote sock yarn too, I drool every time I walk by the yarn, it is so cool, in the most awesome colors! So go check it out if you so desire! Until next post, happy crafting, housework can wait!

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