November 22, 2010

Guest Blog Spot!!

I was recently asked to do a guest blog spot on december 1st for marie at
I'm so excited about this honor, and all I'm going to tell you is that my blog spot, so to speak, will be about a vintage craft.

So please go to maries cozy corner on the 1st to see what happens!!

November 13, 2010

Crocheted Candy Cane Pattern

Since we are siting here, waiting for it to snow, I decided to figure out some Christmas ornaments for this coming year. This pattern was actually a mistake, but turned out perfect!


This is so simple to make, and takes only maybe 10 minutes.
1 ball Red Heart Holiday in Red
1 ball Red Heart Holiday in White
G Crochet Hook
Darning Needle
White pipe cleaners
Ribbon of choice
With white, Chain 33
1st Row: Work 1 DC in the 3rd CH from hook. DC in each chain across to the end of chain.
2nd Row: Join red. Work 1 SC in each DC across. Fasten off.
Wind crocheted piece around white pipe cleaner. Trim pipe cleaner at ends if needed, bend top of Candy Cane to form a hook shape.
Tie a ribbon in a bow around the candy cane to add that special touch.
I can’t wait to see what you all come up with. Have fun with this, use different yarns and experiment!

What are you making this year for ornaments or other decorations?