November 29, 2012

Snowman wreath...Easy & Cute

So simple, low in cost, and fun to make. This wreath I plan on leaving up all winter with the rest of my snowman decorations.

What you need:
Wood wreath
Woodland/snowman type ornaments (found at wal-mart)
Cinnamon pine cones
Hair clips (found in wal-mart jewlery making supplies)
Hot glue gun.

Wrap wreath with garland, make sure to leave a little of the wood showing to give it a little character.

Hot glue your clips to the cinnamon pine cones. They do have these already done at wal-mart for $1.49, but I like mine better at .20, and the pine ones already done do not smell like cinnamon, yum!

Put your wreath together and hang!
Very fast and simple! I saw a similar wreath online selling for $25, mine cost less than $10. Makes a girl very happy :)