December 11, 2008

My Chic Chokers

I made these fun chokers this week! I have so many teens and tweens on my christmas list I thought that this would be a really cool present for the girls! Now I'm not sure what to do about the boys!!!! UGH!


  1. LOVE these!!! If the kids don't appreciate them, send one to me I could use a great pick me up lately!! Just email me for my address, LOL!!

    You do great work, keep blogging!

  2. These are awesome!! Is the pattern an original? or can I find it on the web?

  3. The pattern for these is out of a book, but I kinda changed it around a little. I just made more with a smaller bead, and really had to make up a new pattern. I am making some survivor ones for breast cancer awareness and will be posting them in my etsy store & here when I get them done.

    Thanks for all your comments!

  4. These are great. Where did you get the pattern and what yarn did you use. These would make great gifts for my sister and sister in law for this next year.

  5. I started with a pattern from a book called Fully Woolly, but have now developed my own pattern.


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