January 19, 2012

Felted Sweater Heart Garland

It's FINALLY snowing here in North Idaho, and all I want to do is sit by the (fake) fire and craft. So today was the perfect day to find something to make. With Valentines day coming up, and not having any decorations up, it got me thinking. I could go out in the blustery snow storm, and to the shed, to get the valentines decor. But why do that when I had a nice, warm bunch of felted goodies in my craft room that I can create something fabulously cozy with.

I really love using things that I thought were ruined.

My hubby likes to help me switch the laundry over, and sometimes, something wool finds it's way into the dryer ;)
I love him so much that I never say a word, I just put it in my repurpose pile to make into something cute & cozy.
I was originally thinking I wanted to make a pillow out of this sweater, the moose on the front and the stripes on the back. But if there is one thing I totally hate, it's sewing. I hate my sewing machine with a passion, my 16 year old son uses it to make longer shirts and sweatshirts for skiing, but that's about all it's used for.  So today while looking at this sweater I decided to use it to make a heart garland.

After 2 episodes of happy days all the hearts are cut out. Yes I still love Fonzie!
I didn't mind hand sewing the hearts together, hand sewing I like more than my stupid machine ;)
While watching the 3rd episode of "Fonzie loves Pinkie" I had everything sewn together and my groovy new garland all done :)
I am so happy with how it turned out I really want to find more sweaters in Valentines colors to create more cozy heart goodness for other parts of the house.
Until next time.....Hugs to my cozy friends!
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