June 21, 2009

A Reuse for an old metal t.v. tray!

I found this really cool idea in country living magazine this month. They used an old, metal, t.v. tray as a message center. I happened to have one lying around, but it had a very crazy print on it, like the old 70's prints that were so popular, in the 70's! :)
So, I found a can of navy blue spray paint, and some red and white acrylic paints, and TA DA! My very own, original americana message center that goes with my livingroom decor. I also used an old stamp set I had from Stampin' Up to make the design on it. I tried a stencil first, but it just didn't look good. Here is a picture of the "Message center" before I have things on it and up on the wall....

Wish I would have thought about taking some pics before I started, but I was so excited about this project that I started it without thinking about before pictures!

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