June 21, 2009

New By the sea chokers!

Well I just updated my etsy store with a few of my new seashell chokers. Check them out and let me know what you think! I really want to get my etsy store off the ground, now that I am at home again, I want to be able to sell my creations to help with the little things that come up here and there. So please check out my store from time to time, I am going to really be trying to fill it full over the next few months.

A Reuse for an old metal t.v. tray!

I found this really cool idea in country living magazine this month. They used an old, metal, t.v. tray as a message center. I happened to have one lying around, but it had a very crazy print on it, like the old 70's prints that were so popular, in the 70's! :)
So, I found a can of navy blue spray paint, and some red and white acrylic paints, and TA DA! My very own, original americana message center that goes with my livingroom decor. I also used an old stamp set I had from Stampin' Up to make the design on it. I tried a stencil first, but it just didn't look good. Here is a picture of the "Message center" before I have things on it and up on the wall....

Wish I would have thought about taking some pics before I started, but I was so excited about this project that I started it without thinking about before pictures!

June 16, 2009

What to make? What to make? Maybe Drew can help!

Well, it's been almost 2 months since I did any crocheting, and really want to get back into the swing of things. I picked out some different projects, but just can't seem to get myself motivated to pick up the hook and yarn yet. I did pick out some cute flip flop coasters to make by Drew Emborsky, Here is the link to the pattern: Flip Flop Coasters. I was also thinking about making some pet snugglies and toys as well. I really should be thinking about starting my Christmas gifts, I always seem to wait until the last minute, and then not get them done.
So, the jury is still out as to if I am just in the summer mode of playing, or am at a crochet road block! Anyone else ever been in this position? Would love some feed back on how to get out of this crochet/scrapbook/stamping/crafting slump that I'm in!