May 11, 2010

The finished Swirling bag

I finally finished the Swirling bag that I have been working on for a little over a week. I didn't pick it up every day, I got a little boring for me just with working in single crochet. I used Patons Grace for the yarn, and instead of making a cord I used ribbon, I think it looks pretty with the yarn. I'm thinking I will just use it for a project bag, I really don't want to try and put handles on it so that I can carry it around. The biggest thing about this project was that I never thought I could do it, it looked so hard to me for some reason, so I decided that I had to jump in and just go for it!
If you would like to make one for yourself you can go to Crocheted Swirling Bag and get the full pattern for free, and they have a video which is what made me decided to finally do this project.

If you are on ravelry go HERE to see specifics on what colors of yarn, and all of that fun stuff.

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