October 2, 2011

Awesome Note Has Me Organized!

I am so glad that I was told about Awesome Note! I have all my house keeping to do's by the day they are due, and they are even set to come back up on my list the same day every week, so no need to waste time putting them back on my to do. What I really love is that I can have different folders for different to do lists and other types of notes.

I also have gratitude now and gratitude future folders. Everyday I write what I'm grateful for now, in the gratitude future folder I write exactly how I want my life to be and how grateful I am for these future things to be happening soon. You would be amazed at how much better you feel when life throws you different curve balls if you just write these two lists everyday, this simple practice has really turned my life around.

Every Sunday I do my menu, go through my food inventory list and add or delete items, and go through my business and house keeping lists to make sure that I'm not missing anything or need to change something for the week.

Here is my menu for this week:
Yes there are a couple days missing because we will be gone from home for soccer. I set due dates on these menu items for the days that we want to have that certain menu item for dinner.

So check out Awesome Note. I have it on my iphone and ipad and I'm so glad that I paid the little amount for such an incredible app!


  1. Hi did you use awesome note lite or the $5.00 one? Please let me know it looks so cool. Thx Joanie jcarterfam@comcast.net

  2. I use the $5 version. It is worth it, by far better than the light.


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