October 11, 2011

Galaway wool scarf to keep me warm.

I have been under the weather with a cold the last few days. I've been working at resting on the couch, and decided to pass the time by crocheting myself a new fingerless glove & scarf set.

The scarf is super simple, I used galaway wool in purple tweed and a light heather. The green is berracco vintage that I had in my stash.
Galaway Stripe Scarf.
H hook
3 colors of yarn

Chain 254 or whatever the length you wish, just make sure you end in an even number.
Row 1. Chain 2, HDC in each chain across, turn fasten off and change yarn colors.
Row 2. Repeat row 1 until the scarf is the width you would like. I added a single crochet on the very last row.

Once I got done with the scarf I decided I wanted to make some fingerless gloves to go with it.
The wool yarn eater wanted to help, but also wanted to keep Mom warm. I swear the cat and dog know when I'm sick!
The cuff is done, I love making these gloves because you can make them to any size you need, for anybody.
On to the third color. I'm getting there, just half way and one more glove to go!
Here is the finished product! I love how the colors turned out. The green is a little bit brighter in this picture than it really is.
If you would like to make some fingerless gloves to go with your scarf please go to my Ravelry shop by clicking HERE.

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  1. Love it! Please post this, and anything else you may have,in my link party at



  2. Hello,

    Probably a dumb question but how did you add on the tassels? Thanks for you time!


  3. Hi Ally! No dumb questions here :) What I did was cut the yarn Ll the same length, and took my hook and went through the chain where I wanted the tassel, folded the yarn, put the loop through the chain and pulled the tails through the loop with my hook. Hope I explained that o.k. I am fighting a cold, so kinda groggy, lol.


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