November 16, 2008

Doing the menu thing!

I am really trying to stick to the menu idea. I want to get our food budget way down, it's so stupid to spend so much money on food. 
So here is my menu for the next 2 weeks

11/17- Bean and Cheese Enchilada's
11/18- French Toast
11/19- Leftovers
11/20- Meatloaf
11/21- Hot Dogs & Chili
11/22- Burgers
11/23- Beef Stew
11/24- Leftovers
11/25- Out to eat for family members birthday
11/26- Homemade Pizza
11/27- Thanksgiving!!!
11/28- Leftovers from Thanksgiving
11/29- Spaghetti
11/30- Turkey Creation

Breakfasts will be:
French toast leftovers
Breakfast sandwiches
Protein smoothies
Mocha chip scones
Amish friendship bread

Leftovers from Dinner

airpop popcorn
Amish friendship bread
rice crackers & hummus
crackers and peanut butter
Snap peas & baby carrots

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