November 17, 2008

This horrible thyroid!

Well, it was time again to check my thyroid. You know how I could tell? I'm loosing my hair and gaining weight! 
SO, I went and had the dreaded blood test done, I hate these things, but you would think that I would be getting use to them! 
So here's the skinny, my thyroid was to the not working stage again, it was HUGE again (no wonder I have been having a hard time swallowing anything!), and she couldn't believe how much hair I had lost! So she raised my dose of meds, and then said "We can keep giving it the old college try, but maybe it's time to get the stupid thing taken out." 
Here are the reasons why I don't want to get it take out. 
1. The tumor is attached to the thyroid is resting on my vocal cords. There is a 5% chance that the surgeon could knick them, and that would SUCK!
2. The surgery itself is really bad! Long recovery, and I don't want to miss that much work, or put out that much money! 
3. Since it's an auto immune disease, my body could turn it into something worse like Lupus! I would rather have it attack my thyroid until it's dead, like they have been waiting for.

BUT, on the other hand here would be the good things from having it taken out.
1. I would loose all this weight that I can't seem to shake
2. I wouldn't ache all over anymore
3. I wouldn't be loosing my hair
4. I would have hot flashes anymore
5. I would feel way better

This is all, of course, if my body decided that the thyroid wasn't there anymore to attack, and it didn't decide to attack anything else. 

So, what do you think? Please give me your feedback on this! 
To remove or not to remove, THAT is the question!


  1. Do you have Hashimoto's? Did your doctor tell you what the chances are of your body attacking something else instead of your thyroid? If not, that'd be a good thing to know because that would be my big worry. Also, I'd think if she upped your meds your weight should go down again regardless of whether your thyroid is there or not.

  2. Yes I do have Hashimoto's. The doc did tell me about the chance of getting a different or worse autoimmune disease, that's why I really don't want to get it removed! I wish that it would just die off like they keep saying it's suppose to!

  3. I had same thing but I found out when I woke up from 2nd back surgery in a year. I had a thyroid storm my heart rate was 150 fever couldn't wake up. So went to a specialist he gave me a choice stay the same body aches shaking tired, etc. I could take a radiation pill which you have to be isolated from kids and people of child barring age for 3 day. I would have to take daily meds for rest of life. I did I feel better but my ph is off so I keep getting yeast infections. I hope this helps. I am 41 and had 3rd back surgery in march.


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