August 15, 2009

Great gifts for girlfriends

I love getting up early on the weekend. The teenager and hubby are still asleep, and I get to enjoy my coffee and read some really awesome blogs.
This morning I was reading "A Journey to a Simple Happy Life" and came across her post on "Great gifts for girlfriends."
So I was thinking, and decided to make up my favorites that I love to get and give....

1. A crocheted coffee cup cozy with a starbucks gift card inside. My Mom gave me this idea, she knitted some really pretty cozies, and then felted them. She said that she thought it would be great to stick a gift card inside. I love to personalize the cozy in my friends favorite colors too, and crochet relaxes me.

2. Fingerless gloves. It gets pretty cold here in North Idaho, and a lot of my friends are walkers. So I started making fingerless gloves for them to use when they are walking, so far they have been a big hit.

3. Hat and scarf set in our High School colors. Almost all of my friends have kids the same age as I do, and they are all going into high school this year. So I have started making hat and scarf sets, for the ones that wear them that is, in our school colors of red & white.

4. Books. I love books, and if I find one that I truly love, I always end up buying it for my closest friends. It's hard to give books to everyone, but I have 3 close friends that read and enjoy the same books I do. This year I am going to add a crocheted bookmark to their books.

5. I love to scrapbook, so I also love making 6 x 6 albums to give to my friends. Sometimes I will put pictures in them of all of us together, and sometimes I just leave them blank for them to add their own pictures. If they have recently went on a vacation, or their kids play sports, I usually do a themed album for them. This is a pretty cheap gift if you use a paper bag album, then all you maybe need is $5 to $10 in supplies to finish it. I have so many supplies I could start my own store, so I usually only make these if I have everything I need.

So there you have it, my top five favorite gifts to give my girlfriends. If you have any ideas, or you have a favorite not on the list, please share it with me!

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  1. I love your ideas for girlfriend gifts. I will add them to my list. Hope to see you again on my blog


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