June 10, 2010

Finally... A Brain Dead Double Crochet Afghan for Us!

I'm finally working on an Afghan for our bed. I decided on 3 solid colors, and one mutlti color, all in Red Heart super saver. I have never really liked working with red heart, but It's getting better and better, and is so much cheaper than what I have been buying. So, what I'm trying to say is, Red heart super saver, at $2.47 a skein, might become my new favorite yarn!

Here is what I am doing, very basic and very beginner... I love very beginner because I get do a lot faster, as most of you know I'm a "want it done NOW!" type of person.

Brain Dead Double Crochet Afghan:

What you need:

5 to 7 skeins of Red heart super saver in colors that you wish. I basically picked out a multi colored yarn and matched it with 3 other solid colors.
Size J crochet hook.

I'm making this for a queen size bed, and basically started chaining and took it back to the bed and measured the length of my chain on the bed. So adjust as to what you want to do.

Chain 300
Row 1... double crochet in 3rd chain from hook and in each chain across, chain 3 and turn.
Row 2  double crochet in each double crochet across, chain 3 and turn.
Continue with Row 2, changing colors after every 2 rows. Makes as many 2 color rows as needed to fit your bed size.

I will for sure post pictures when I am done, and it's laying pretty on our bed. My goal is to get it done in a month, but we shall see!!!

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