June 7, 2010

A garden update

I have been actively tending to my garden, and I have to admit it's getting addicting!
The red leaf lettuce is really growing, along with the strawberries, sweet peas & my herb garden. I did loose my tomato plants due to an unexpected frost, so just replaced them and also added a couple of tomato plants in pots on the deck.
I have a feeling that I have finally caught the gardening bug. I have always loved planting flowers and pretty things, but I am so excited to yield fresh fruit and veggies from my garden.
It may look kinda like a hillbilly garden, but I've been told that tires make the best container gardens due to the fact that the rubber keeps everything warm, makes the produce grow even bigger, and the biggest thing is that you are reusing instead of tossing, I love that one the best!

Here are some pictures of just a few of my flowers...
As you might remember a few months ago, I got into making fountains. Now that the roses are blooming, along with the salvia, it's making my wagon and fountain one of my favorite things to look at and enjoy. My very talented friend, Susan, made the star birdhouse, and I reused my frog in my fountain. It was all broken up on the bottom, but you sure can't tell sitting in a fountain.
Some new additions this year... can you tell I love the tire thing? I also put up a hummingbird feeder, hopefully they are using it, I've heard them buzzing around at least. I have to admit, I did have a motive to doing tire flower beds... This is gonna sound terrible I have a feeling.... I decided to do this to annoy the neighbor across the street. I guess I have an evil side, and kinda giggle at the fact of him throwing a fit at the hillbilly, street bike tire, flower beds. But everyone actually likes them, besides him.. lol.

So that is my garden progress, I'll keep updating as the summer goes on. I'm getting addicted to adding things, so you never know what you might see next.


I've been finally working on an afghan for our bed, and I'm also making some fun fathers day slippers for the hubby.... I'll take some pictures and post them tomorrow for you to check out. I also will be posting a new pattern in a few days for you to have fun making. I'm also toying with the idea of a get ahead on Christmas presents challenge, with the winner receiving a great prize of yarn and such.


You will be seeing a lot of changes in my blog in the coming months. I will still be blogging about crochet and crafting, along with the norm, but I also will be blogging about my new adventures in reinventing myself and my life. We have had so many life changing challenges lately that I decided now is the time to reinvent, and jump in with both feet! So stay tuned for new things to come, and I hope that my trials will help you as well.

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