February 10, 2009

Fancy Flower Crocheted Cloche Hat PDF Pattern

Well, I finally wrote a hat pattern! I just posted it in my etsy store, hoping to get some business! I was really thinking that maybe my store would take off, but not yet.
Someone told me that patterns are going better than the actual merchandise, what do you think? I'm thinking about putting up my helmet hat pattern as well. So let me know what you think about patterns, price, and all that good stuff!


  1. Hi, found you from CP.
    I usually go for patterns myself but you really should keep on making everything too. I love your hats. My oldest daughter, 23 yrs old, loves hats, lots of hats!

  2. I have my helmet hat pattern that I think I might write up and put up on etsy too. Not sure if the price is right or not, need some feedback on that too.

  3. I feel your pain, I also started an Etsy store in Dec with no sucess so far. I should probably have more items and put more work into it :(

  4. I know, I think I'm done with etsy. If anything I will sell my made things at local craft fairs and the farmer's market.


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