February 3, 2009

So many projects, so little time!

Well, I have been collecting crochet patterns, craft patterns, and card ideas off the internet lately. I also have bought some new crochet pattern books that I want to make things out of.

I am on my last day of my 6 days off in a row, and I haven't gotten as much done as I wanted to do in the craft department. I've been dealing with a sick kid, and of course the internet has detoured my attention from my every growing crochet project list. I did get this fun felt weave heart basket from work done, you can find the pattern at achildsdream

They were so fun to make, and very quick. I am going to use them for my hubby and son's itunes cards for valentines day.

O.K. On A "YARN STASH" note, I really need a better system to store my stash. I'm tempted to use my new yarn winder and just wind up all the skeins so that they will store better. I need to split them up anyway so that I can make some new hats and such that take two strands held together. I was just at our walmart today, and they had my favorite yarns on sale, vanna's choice and canon eco. They want to get rid of it because of a store remodel, but I did refrain from getting more yarn to add to my stash, which was very hard for me!

Well, I guess I will go and crochet, just hope that it doesn't take me forever to find something on my mile long list to work on!

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