February 28, 2009

More Dog Biscuits!

Well, I spent almost the whole day yesterday making dog biscuits! We ran out of homemade biscuits this last week, and needless to say the dogs really showed us that the store bought cookies really make them sick! I tried a new recipe this time, it's out of Mary Jane's Farm magazine from a few months back. I am in the process of e-mailing Mary Jane to make sure it's o.k. that I post the recipe here. But please check out her website and magazine, it is so cool! By the way, the dogs LOVE this recipe, and it ended up making about 7 dozen cookies for them! YEAH, Hopefully that will last for awhile!!!

I have been looking for my next crochet project. I have so many that I want to do I am still having problems deciding which one is next! I just ordered The crochet dudes new book, and also the happy hooker. They both have some awesome projects in them, and I can't wait to get the books. The crochet dude book I am especially excited about, I can't wait to make some fun things for the guys in my life, besides hats and scarfs that is! LOL.

We have been doing really well with the whole frugal thing. I am planning on starting a separate blog about our frugality ups and downs sometime soon. I will make sure to post it when I get there. We have A LOT of ups and downs, that's for sure, and a lot of "I wish I hadn't spent money on that" ah ha moments, so I'm sure the blog will be very entertaining! So until then stay "Cozi" at home this weekend!

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