February 12, 2009

My first Amigurumi!

Well, I finally bought the book tiny yarn animals at work the other day, and decided to start with something that looked fairly easy. So I started with this cute little Octopus! I used Lamb's Pride worsted in cream. It was very fun, and I now know why everyone is so hooked!!! He He He!!
My next project is going to be the Fox for the family name!
You can find tiny yarn animals at our store A child's dream come true and you can also find Tammie Snow's website at
Roxy Craft


  1. Wow! Your first amigurumi looks WAY better then my first amigurumi.
    take a look at it: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sunnie_fairy/2759126984/

  2. Are you kidding, those cherries are so cute!!! I want to make some more now, but I have a couple other projects I better get done first. My son wants a southpark hat. LOL. And I want to make a shell to wear for valentines dinner! I'm going to post them when I'm done with them.

  3. Very Cote amigurumi. I did my first amigurmi last week and it turned out well. You can check it out on my Blog http://tccdesigns.blogspot.com/

    BTW, The answer to your question about the soles of your slippers.
    Try caulk from the hardware store, you put it on the bottom of the slippers, and let it dry. Put it on thin, like icing in a cake. Let me know how this works..

  4. Thanks for the slipper sole idea! I still haven't taken the plunge and made them, pretty soon it won't be until the fall! LOL

  5. Wonderful job!! That baby octopus is so cute I could eat it up!! What a happy, sweet face.


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