January 13, 2010

Winter 2010, my total crochet meltdown!

Have you ever had a total crochet meltdown? I have so many projects I want to do, and can't seem to pick one to work on.

This winter has been so depressing. We live in the northwest, a stones throw away from Canada. We are use to tons of snow and a winter wonderland. Instead it's been raining, and raining, and raining. Could the lack of snow be the reason for my non commitment to a project?

Lately all I want to do is cook gluten free goodies, and eat them ALL! I'm never going to be able to fit into that crochet shell that I made myself this fall, sigh....

I have also been playing with paper again, and my new cricket that was given to me by my wonderful husband, for my 38th birthday in December. I've been making all sorts of different things that I will be showing you soon, but the yarn has really been calling my name.

I have a pattern idea for Alice Cullen wrist warmers, maybe that is what my first project should be? As most of you know, I do not get along with knitting needles, just like crochet hooks and my Mother do not get along. So I saw a knitting loom Alice Cullen wrist warmer pattern by Vickie Howell and thought, maybe I might get along with a knitting loom, seems easy enough. Well $5.35 cents later, and a lot of frustration, it was chucked across the room, making the bird fly off of his cage, which the cats utterly loved, it was a knitting loom, yarn, feathers and fur frenzy! So much for getting along with a knitting loom!

So until tomorrow, hopefully the start of a new day will help me to decided what to do about this whole, rainy, depressing, crochet, predicament.

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