December 1, 2009

I've been making hats!

I've been working on hats for all this kids this Christmas! I love this pattern, it is one of my favorites.... Go to Double Double crochet hat pattern to get it. I have made just plain beanies with it, and I have also made some earflaps. My fave is the alpaca in the middle. It's so soft, and I love the color. I have been dying to go and get more of this yarn at my local yarn shop (something olde something new), but keep looking at allllllll of the yarn that I have on hand and it just doesn't make sense to go buy more. I have two more hats to make for presents for my friends kids, and then it's on to something new, like valentine themed hats and scarfs, or who knows!


  1. Beautiful hats! I love the look of the pattern, and they look really warm too. Did you use the 2 strands of yarn, or just a bulkier yarn? I want to make this, but don't want to use 2 strands of yarn. TIA!

  2. Hi Esther! I used 2 strands, but you can use a bulky yarn instead. I've made this pattern either way and it always turns out great.
    Have fun, I would love to see the pictures when your done!

  3. Thanks so much Julia! I will try it out when my new yarn arrives, and definetely post some photos on my blog! Thanks again! Happy New Year. :)


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