December 21, 2009

Two new crochet patterns in my etsy shop!

I've been really busy today making up two of my most favorite patterns. I'm just really getting into putting my patterns to paper, and it's not as hard as I always thought it would be! So I wrote up 2 new patterns today, one for a coffee cup cuff (as shown above), and the other for a rockin' ski beanie.
The cuff is very simple to make, and looks so nice with a little bit of a bubble effect to it, along with a little lacy. The button hole is very easy to make, and I had a blast making these and using up all my vintage buttons that I have gotten throughout the years. You can really make them in different themes depending on the colors of yarn and the buttons you use.

A Fast and Easy rockin' ski beanie.

My 14 year old kept asking me to make him a rockin' beanie, so I finally had him show me what it was. Basically the kids are taking old ski hats and not folding up the bottom, which leaves it long on the crown. I decided to make up a beanie pattern, and then make it longer to look like a rockin' hat. My son loves it because it's cool lookin', and keeps his noggin nice and warm under his ski helmet.

If you are interested, both patterns have been put up in my etsy shop, and on ravelry.

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