January 13, 2011

Recycled Sweater Valentines Ornaments

I've noticed recently that one of my older posts on how to make recycled sweater ornaments has been very popular. Since it's almost time for Valentines day I decided to make up some heart ornaments to decorate the house with.

Old sweaters, can be felted. Or scraps of material.
Pipe cleaners, any color works because they will be covered by the material.
Twine or ribbon, whatever you have on hand to keep the cost down
Glue Gun
Heart shaped cookie cutters

What to do:

To make your heart you will need to wrap your pipe cleaner around the outside of your cookie cutter. When you get to the end where you started, fasten ends of your pipe cleaner together and slide your pipe cleaner shape off of your cookie cutter. You should have the shape of your cutter.

Cut 1/2" strips of your sweater or material and start at the top or bottom of heart. Put a drop of hot glue on the beginning of the strip and start wrapping, adding a little bit of glue every few wraps. Finish off at the end with the last bit of hot glue.

Tie twine or ribbon at the top of your heart for hanging and glue on button or buttons.

Here is an idea of what I did with my heart....
The perfect addition to a pic of my hubby and mom in law.

Please show me what you make, I'd love to see them. And make sure you become of fan of the cozy at home facebook page, I will be making a link on the side today.

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