January 19, 2011

Super simple crocheted scarf

My wonderful friend, Patty, gave me this new poems silk yarn for my birthday. I've been learning how to knit, but for some reason I keep messing up just on a simple knit scarf. So today at the yarn shop I decided to just start crocheting a scarf instead.

I'm using a j hook and doing a simple back and forth half double crochet. I started out chaining 20, but it was way too long, so instead I did a chain 15. So far I really love it, and it's going super quick. I have two more skeins of this yarn, and think I will make fingerless gloves and a hat to match the scarf.

Thanks everyone for reading. I am going to be doing my first give away on Friday or over the weekend, if life gets in the way, so keep reading!
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