January 31, 2011

What to wear.. Red Heart & Double Stitch Twins Patterns

I'm a huge fan of the Double Stitch Twins, and the new patterns they have up on Red Heart are so cool! This Multi-Wear Poncho is really neat, I wish I was more of a poncho wearin' girl. If you are, you can find the pattern HERE

Now here's one that I would love to make, and might just do it! Webby Sundress or Skirt. This will be one that I will maybe make after I get my summer clothes out, and see what fun sundress might be just a little bit more fun with this over it. Then it's a matter of yarn shopping for the right colors... OH NO! Pattern for this cute dress... right HERE

Here is one I have all printed out and ready to make, just need to figure out what colors I want use. When I saw this pattern I new that it would be something I would love to wear, and making it might bring some spring/summer to this very dreary winter! If you would like to make this fun camo corset you can find it HERE.

Here is another one that looks like it would be super fun to make and wear. I'm hoping that after the corset I will be in the mood to make this cute little Happy Days Halter. HERE is the pattern.

And, of course I have to end this blog post with a very cool Flapper Hat! I love the button that they used, and I am just going to HAVE to make this one. The pattern is HERE if you are interested.

So, I'm sure you know where I'm headed with this. These are the projects I've picked out that we might possibly want to do as a CAL. So please comment on which patterns you would like to do as a CAL, or if you want to do all of them that would be totally awesome too.
I need to get out of the easy peasy patterns that I love to make, and make somethings that I see on sites or in books and say... "woah, that is so cute, I need to make that!"

But, the first one that I am going to make has nothing to do with what to wear, it's for my new ipad that my loving hubby gave me for my birthday and christmas this year......

I have on hand the pink camo and a plain pink for the heart. If you would like to make one with me please go HERE and get the pattern. It would be kinda fun to post in the comments what colors you are using. I will make sure the Flickr group is working so we can all post pictures of our projects.

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