January 10, 2011

Valentines Day Goodie Ideas

Monday: Blog pick of the week

I have been thinking about Valentines Day, and looking for ideas online for goodies, cards, craft projects, you name it. Today I was looking around at different blogs and found these really cute heart suckers made out of small candy canes over at Pleasant Home (click on the link to find the recipe).
I have 2 boxes of these little canes that I never even opened, and I was wondering if they would be going to waste or to my waist! What a great way to use these up, I've decided to make these as little gifts for friends and family just to say "I love you."

I also found these yummy jello popcorn balls at pleasant home, you can find the recipe HERE. I'm planing on make these also. I love the way she packaged these in cute little paper cups like you use for ketchup at the local burger places. Now since I really can't find these where I live, I think I will use the mini cupcake liners that you can find at the craft store (like michaels, great way to use the 40% off coupon if you can't find anything that isnt' on sale!) and at wal-mart.

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